Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 2013 Meeting

 The program for the May meeting of Rivanna Chapter, on Tues 05-21, will be "Mixtape#2" – a program of short railroad videos, 54m30s duration. This “mixtape” (or “smorgasbord”) Rivanna Chapter program is a DVD of 24 short videos, many only 1-2 minutes in length, with the longest only 7 minutes. The range of subjects covered is very wide, in five general categories: (1) MOW [Maintenance Of Way], (2) Historic-Steam, (3) Contemporary-Steam, (4) Bad Things Happen (crashes, etc), and (5) Diesels. These videos are all from the Internet, and many of them are very recent, some even less than one month old. A sample of the subjects includes: BNSF rotary clears snow in Nebraska, a South African 4-8-4 condenser engine does a runby, the British “Tornado” engine arrives in a station, one derailed train in Brazil derails another, an Oktokopter misbehaves while filming a train, a UP auto rack train climbs the Tehachapi grade, a Caltrain "Baby Bullet" runs through a station at 75mph, and the BNSF Masters Special does a runby in Georgia on its journey to Augusta.

The silent video during dinner will be "The Pennsylvania Railroad" [60m] -- Emery Gulash 16mm color movie footage 1952-1969.