Thursday, July 30, 2015

N&W Class J 611 Excursions

Over the last few months numerous members of the Rivanna Chapter have ridden, spotted, and chased excursions headed by J 611.  While Charlottesville was not on the route of any of the excursions, we did benefit with two stops by J 611 and its entire consist during moves to and from Manassas.  Happily, there are thousands of pictures and images posted on the internet and an excellent video by Travis Koshko was broadcast by the just a few photos are posted here to record some of the Chapter members' and friends' experiences.

John Pfaltz had the longest trip when his Lynchburg-Petersburg roundtrip turned into a 14 hour marathon due to track, signal, and other railroad challenges.  Louise and Chuck Ward had a great day on their Manassas-Front Royal roundtrip and reported that the only upsets were an avid photographer on the active tracks and an air conditioning problem (that Chuck got repowered).  Wayland Moore is thought to have set a new world's record for being spotted by more other spotters and in more locations than ever previously recorded.  Ed de Bary took a unique approach by undergoing training and then serving as a car host on Lynchburg-Roanoke runs. 

The photos below are by Ed, Sam Saunders, and Ross Thomas.  Note especially the car host shown below in uniform, for the Operation Lifesaver Car, NS 29.

Northbound in Charlottesville
NS 29
NS 29 Interior
NS 29 Car Host on Duty 

End of the Day in Roanoke
Job Well Done

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

NRHS 2015 Vermont

The 2015 NRHS convention was held in Rutland, Vermont in June - Ann Harrod represented the Rivanna Chapter at this annual meeting.  She attended meetings, rode excursions, and visited interesting museums and other venues.  Ann brought back more than 200 photos and videos from her trip and has offered to narrate some of them at a Chapter meeting later this year.  In the meantime, here are a few editor's picks from Ann's album.  The locomotives shown above are from the Green Mountain Railroad and the Vermont Railway.